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At Gustavus, the last week of classes and final exams usually occur around the middle of May. As a result, May is an exceptionally busy time of year. As classes end, all remaining papers and assignments need to be handed in. On top of that, students need to prepare for final exams, check out of […]

Campus Speakers

Various student organizations, students, staff members, and professors work very hard to bring a wide variety of outside speakers to the Gustavus campus. The speakers that present at Gustavus come from a variety of backgrounds and they discuss many interesting and relevant topics. Almost all of these presentations are free for Gustie students, making them […]


Before entering college, I was one of those lucky individuals whose mother often did their laundry (by often I mean always). Upon entering college, there were so many exciting events occurring in my life that doing laundry was often neglected (by often I mean always). However, during my first year at Gustavus, after an impressive […]

Ultimate Frisbee

This past weekend, the Gustavus Ultimate Frisbee team traveled to Maple Plain, Minnesota in order to play in the Northwoods Open Sectionals Tournament. The Gustavus team, called The High, needed to take at least sixth in the sections tournament in order to qualify for the regional tournament in May. The Gustavus Ultimate team participated in […]

Gustavus Outdoor Enthusiasts

For me, an exciting aspect of college is the seemingly infinite number of student groups that Gusties can participate in. The list of active groups at Gustavus is pretty incredible, and I feel that there is an organization for almost every student interest. Check out this impressive list here. One student group that I decided […]

Studying Abroad Through Gustavus

When I began to seriously look at colleges during the summer prior to my senior year of high school, I paid special attention to what type of study abroad opportunities a particular college offered. I knew that studying abroad was an activity that I was going to be interested in during college, and I wanted […]

Spring Returns to St. Peter

Birds chirping, green grass, shorts, and increased outdoor activity usually signal that spring has yet again returned to St. Peter. Because of the warmer weather, Gustavus students desperately try to spend as much time outside as possible. On any on-campus grassy area, there is likely to be several students relaxing under the sun. I love […]

The Market Place

The Gustavus student body and community has access to a wonderful cafeteria on campus. This cafeteria, called the Market Place, always strives to offer many different food choices for its customers. This wide variety of food that is offered is a special thing at Gustavus because many students, including myself, eat at the Market Place […]

Spring Dance Concert

An exciting aspect of college is the almost unlimited number of concerts, plays, performances, and athletic events that students can attend. As a general rule, these on-campus events are free for Gustavus students. I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend many of these programs over the past year and a half. On March 9th, […]

Snow Day

This past Friday, March 2nd, the Gustavus campus closed due to snow. The announcement, in the form of an email, came at 6:34 A.M. on Friday morning. I was so eager to find out whether campus was closed or not that I woke up at 6:50 A.M. that morning to check my email. Waking up […]