Housing Selection

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Every spring semester, Gustavus students begin the process of selecting a place to live for the following academic year. Students are able to choose between dorms, apartments, single rooms, suites, and off-campus houses. Usually, the dorms are reserved for first year and sophomore students, while the upper-class Gusties live in apartments and other housing options. This month long housing process is an exciting time of year.

A couple of weeks ago, four buddies and I decided that we wanted to live in an on-campus apartment next year.

So, we went on-line and and took a digital tour of the apartments that are available on the Gustavus campus. We liked what we saw!! A neat thing about the Gustavus housing selection is that students are actually able to indicate in their housing application which specific room/apartment they would like to live in. My housing mates and I completed our housing application on-line and were informed that we would be emailed the results in about a week.

Although the housing selection at Gustavus usually runs very smoothly, students don’t always get their first housing choice. Because of this, my friends and I were a little nervous. Fortunately, the housing selection form that we filled out includes a section where applicants can indicate back up housing choices as well as if they would like to be put on a waiting list for a particular building.

Today, after anxiously waiting for the results, we were emailed our housing assignment. blog-3.JPGMy pals and I will be living in Arbor View, a small apartment building that houses about 59 upper-class students. I am really thrilled. I am looking forward to the extra space, being able to cook my own meals, and the ability to have people over. The apartment that I will be living in has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a dining area.



blog-2.jpgThe Arbor View apartment building IS on-campus, but it is also located farther from the academic buildings than most dorms. However, the really nice rooms should more than make up for the extra walk. And hey, walking is good for me anyway.



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