Spring Dance Concert

Posted on March 13th, 2007 by

An exciting aspect of college is the almost unlimited number of concerts, plays, performances, and athletic events that students can attend. As a general rule, these on-campus events are free for Gustavus students. I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend many of these programs over the past year and a half.

On March 9th, I attended the 2007 Spring Dance Concert, which was performed by the Gustavus Dance Company. What a show! The concert took place in Anderson Theater, which is the main stage at Gustavus. Anderson Theater contains a thrust stage, so as anAnderson Theater audience member, I felt as though I was actually participating in the program.

The dance concert was broken up into 8 performances, and the entire show lasted around 2 hours. It was so enjoyable to watch other Gusties display their talents for the campus community. The dancers did a wonderful job, and I must admit that I felt some jealousy at how easily they could manipulate their bodies.

The dances were all very unique, and they featured some pretty incredible music. For example, the Dancers first piece used a lot of Mark Mothersburg’s music. Mothersburg is most well known for his compositions for movies, including The Life Aquatic and Rushmore. This excellent music added another level of complexity to the dances.

Being able to watch the 2007 dance concert was a unique experience. Taking advantage of opportunities like the dance concert, in my opinion, is sometimes what college is all about!


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