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Various student organizations, students, staff members, and professors work very hard to bring a wide variety of outside speakers to the Gustavus campus. The speakers that present at Gustavus come from a variety of backgrounds and they discuss many interesting and relevant topics. Almost all of these presentations are free for Gustie students, making them a wonderful and cheap learning opportunity.

Because I am a biology major, most of the speakers that I have heard throughout the year have given lectures related to science. I have enjoyed all of the presentations I have attended, and I will give a brief description of some of my favorites from the year.dr-ems.jpg

Dr. Esther Sternberg, from the National Institute of Mental Health/National Institutes of Health, came to Gustavus during the fall of 2006. She gave a passionate lecture regarding her current research, which has highlighted the power of the mind-body connection and its impact on how we treat stress and other health concerns. Dr. Sternberg’s lecture was wonderful because she presented meaningful data that illustrated how illness could potentially be combated by treating both the body and the mind.

Daniel Simberloff, a professor at the University of Tennessee, also spoke at Gustavusds.jpg during the fall semester of 2006. His lecture concerned invasive species control and prevention. Daniel Simberloff presented interesting examples that illustrated the detrimental effects that invasive species have had ecosystem throughout the United States. He also listed several ways in which invasive species can be better dealt with in the future. Simberloff’s topic is an important one indeed.

During April of 2007, Paul Alan Cox, an ethnobotanist, visited Gustavus for the celebration of the Linnaeus Symposium. Paul Alan Cox’s work has centered around documenting the traditional healing methods of indigenous peoples throughout the world. His research has helped to discover the leadingpac.jpg anti-AIDS drug candidate, Prostratin. Paul Alan Cox was a very polished presenter, whose balance of humor and seriousness made his lecture completely captivating.

The presenters mentioned above have been some of my favorite speakers that Gustavus has brought to its campus. However, there have been many other lecturers that have made it to St. Peter, and they have spoken about religion, politics, academics, and fitness.

Gustie students have the incredible opportunity to attend presentations from many talented and dynamic individuals, and these lectures complement the liberal arts education that Gustavus students receive.


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