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The Library

There is no question that the GAC library is fantastic. I might be exposing myself as a bit of a nerd by saying this, but I am passionate enough about the library at Gustavus that I will stick to my claim. With unlimited resources, study rooms, private desks, and an abundance of computers, the library […]


One of the great resources that Gustavus offers to all of its students is a staff of dedicated tutors.   Most academic departments have a tutor that help students with homework assignments, papers, and test preparation.  Tutors are a valuable resource in that they are students themselves who understand the questions a peer may ask. […]

Keeping it Green

Students often have trouble cramming all of their stuff into the apartment, house, or dorm they plan on living in for the academic year. With clothes, electronics, pictures and furniture all demanding room, it can be an intellectual workout trying to make personal items fit. I currently live in an apartment that, in my opinion, […]

Gustie Gymnastics

Like most people, I enjoy athletics. Playing backyard football, street hockey, and ping-pong are among some of my favorite childhood memories. Throughout my sporting career, I have met some inspiring athletes, and the Gustavus community certainly has its share of talented individuals. This past weekend, I made my way to the Lund Athletic Facility to […]


Since I would be living farther away from the academic buildings of the Gustavus campus this year, I decided that I wanted to bring a bike to college. That left me with the problem of trying to procure a cheap and effective bicycle. I first turned to my Grandpa, who had a very old bike […]

A Semester Abroad

This past fall, I went to Costa Rica as a part of a study abroad program. While abroad, I studied ecology and conservation. Two professors from the US taught our biology courses, while native Costa Ricans taught our Spanish classes. Alongside 26 other students, I hiked through tropical rainforests, camped 20 feet from the pacific […]