A Semester Abroad

Posted on February 14th, 2008 by

This past fall, I went to Costa Rica as a part of a study abroad program. While abroad, I studied ecology and conservation. Two professors from the US taught our biology courses, while native Costa Ricans taught our Spanish classes. Alongside 26 other students, I hiked through tropical rainforests, camped 20 feet from the pacific ocean, stealthy observed poisonous frogs and snakes during night hikes, and learned about a fascinating culture. It was an extraordinary experience.

After the program was over, I had the opportunity to travel with some of the friends that I met during my program. We made our way to Nicaragua. A typical day included waking up around 8 A.M., making our way to some attraction (volcanoes, forests, beaches, monuments and the like), returning to our five-dollar-a-night hostel, and falling asleep exhausted.

A memorable moment: At one particular hostel, we decided to cook a light breakfast early in the morning. After finishing my gallo pinto (rice and beans), eggs, and juice, I still had a half-eaten banana on my plate. I decided to set my plate on the ground and relax for a moment in order to regain my appetite. Soon after I set my plate on the ground, a small turtle slowly emerged from a nearby plant. As you can imagine, it took its sweet time, but the little turtle soon made its way to my plate. Once it had finally arrived, the turtle proceeded to eat the rest of my banana. Anytime that I tried to take my banana back, the turtle gave me a nasty little glare.

My time abroad was wonderful, but I am extremely excited for my spring semester at Gustavus. I must admit however, that the weather in St. Peter is quite the contrast to the warm and dry afternoons of Costa Rica.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Great to have you back, Nathan!