Keeping it Green

Posted on February 21st, 2008 by

Students often have trouble cramming all of their stuff into the apartment, house, or3.jpg dorm they plan on living in for the academic year. With clothes, electronics, pictures and furniture all demanding room, it can be an intellectual workout trying to make personal items fit. I currently live in an apartment that, in my opinion, is burdened by non-functional crap.

However, there is a sliver of my apartment that is dedicated to a slightly more natural decor. Near the west facing wall of my living room, four different varieties of house plants live out their lives amongst hard working college students. I am grateful for these plants not only for their oxygen producing capacities, but also because they are a symbol of clutter free living. These plants are refreshing. Yes, they demand a little care, but a sprinkling of water and some positive mental vibes go a long way towards making indoor plants healthy.

So, when its time to move to college, make a little space for natures gift.


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