Selecting Courses

Posted on March 21st, 2008 by

It is just about the time of year where GAC students start selecting courses for next fall. I find this process exciting because the diversity of classes at Gustavus is impressive. I truly look forward to taking unique classes about relevant and interesting issues.

During the middle of the spring semester, a complete course list is released. This list indicates the classes offered for the next semester at Gustavus, their meeting times, along with who will be teaching the class. Students are then able to peruse the list to construct their schedule. The amount of freedom to choose courses and schedules varies depending on each student’s situation. Sometimes, a student needs to take certain classes to fulfill major or area requirements. At other times, students are able to pick and choose an eclectic course load.

Next year, as a senior, I should be able to choose a mix of courses because I don’t have too many required courses left at Gustavus. I hope to take a photography or video media course from the art department. I also have been interested in taking either guitar or violin lessons.

Enrolling in interesting classes is the first step towards having another great semester at Gustavus.



  1. Asia'h Epperson says:

    What would you suggest to someone thinking of joining? Is it better to take the really tough courses in the first year and work at it so that life and college gets a little easier next year or the exact opposite

  2. Cheyenne Kitto says:

    Is there anywhere to see a list of available classes?