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Moe Lecture

This past Tuesday, April 22, Anne Fausto-Sterling gave an interesting lecture at Gustavus for the annual Moe lecture series. The Moe lectures are designed to encourage inter-disciplinary learning. Scholars from the fields of nursing, biology, english, history, philosophy, and theater have given past lectures. Anne Fausto-Sterling is a professor of cellular and molecular biology at […]

Summer Employment

During the spring, most Gusties take on the task of searching for a summer job. This search for summer employment can be daunting, especially because students are constantly busy with school, sports, organizations, and more. However, Gustavus offers a wonderful tool that aids all interested Gusties in finding a summer positions, called G-net. G-net is […]

Mr. Gustavus

On April 4th, 2008, the Theta Xi Gamma Sorority hosted a festive and fun event…The Mr. Gustavus Pageant. The event featured Junior and Senior Gusties strutting their stuff in a competition that would decide which contestant would receive the coveted title of Mr. Gustavus. Contestants competed in the following areas: Gustie Pride, a Question/Answer Portion, […]

Fall Schedule

Earlier this week, I officially registered for my fall 2008 courses. In order to be considered a full time student, Gusties must sign up for at least 3.0 credits (a normal course is worth 1 credit) per semester. Next fall semester, I am signed up for 3.88 credits. The whole registration process was online, and […]

Student Organizations

Gustavus has numerous on-campus student organizations, ranging from sororities to sports to academic clubs. As a freshman, I took a look at many of these clubs and selected a few that I wanted to be a part of. I chose to get involved with the mens Ultimate Frisbee Club and the Gustavus Outdoor Enthusiasts (GOE). […]

St. Peter Food Co-op

In my previous posts I have mostly given attention to the on-campus community at Gustavus. However, Gustavus is a part of the greater St. Peter community, and as such, Gusties are able to take advantage of the additional resources that St. Peter presents. A real gem in St. Peter is the Food Co-op. Check out […]

Snow Ultimate

Old Man winter just wouldn’t let up earlier in the week. In fact, on Monday morning Gusties woke up to a few inches of snow, flurries, and wind. Especially after returning from Spring Break, it can be easy to get disappointed about winter’s reluctance to go away. However, in true Gustavus Ultimate Frisbee form, a […]

Computers At GAC

Buying a computer is an important consideration for many potential college students. It has been several years since I purchased my laptop, and I have a few thoughts on what makes a fine college computer. The first question, of course, is desktop or laptop? There is no doubt that desktops give you the most bang […]