Student Organizations

Posted on April 10th, 2008 by

Gustavus has numerous on-campus student organizations, ranging from sororities to sports to academic clubs. As a freshman, I took a look at many of these clubs and selected a few that I wanted to be a part of. I chose to get involved with the mens Ultimate Frisbee Club and the Gustavus Outdoor Enthusiasts (GOE).

Just yesterday I went to a meeting that one member of each student run club needed to attend. I went to the meeting to represent GOE. In the meeting, members of student senate discussed the steps of how student organizations would become recognized as official organizations on campus for the following year.

The application involves some online forms and a budget request, but the underlying message of the meeting was that Gustavus encourages the formations of student organizations and is willing to fund activities. I think that it is essential that GAC supports a variety of interests, and this support highlights the fact that Gustavus is a Liberal Arts College.

With so many organizations in place, many students are able to find a way to get involved on campus. But, if not, Gustavus says to you Mr. or Ms. Creative, “generate an idea for an organization, create some interest, become a recognized group, and enjoy the college experience!”

Participating in or creating your own organization is a  straightforward process at GAC, and the many organizations at Gustavus are nice supplements to an academic schedule.


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