Summer Employment

Posted on April 24th, 2008 by

During the spring, most Gusties take on the task of searching for a summer job. This search for summer employment can be daunting, especially because students are constantly busy with school, sports, organizations, and more. However, Gustavus offers a wonderful tool that aids all interested Gusties in finding a summer positions, called G-net.

G-net is an awesome online resource, offered by the Gustavus Career Center, that lists available jobs and internships for GAC students. Through G-net, Gusties can browse summer employment positions by payment type, location, field, and duration. G-net lists relevant contact information of the employers and a brief job description of offered positions . Through G-net, GAC students can make contacts with Gustie Grads and other experts in a variety of fields, and start working towards gaining a meaningful position for the summer.

My particular goal for the summer of 2008 was to find a summer internship related to environmental law. After a few searches in my hometown, I started using G-net. Through G-net I noticed a job opportunity through an organization that works on environmental quality and awareness issues. I applied for the position, and a week later received the good news that I would be able to intern with them for the summer.

G-net was an invaluable tool for me in finding a summer internship. G-net provides an impressive listings of jobs, and allows Gusties to get on the right track towards a rewarding summer job.


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