Moe Lecture

Posted on April 25th, 2008 by

This past Tuesday, April 22, Anne Fausto-Sterling gave an interesting lecture at Gustavus for the annual Moe lecture3906_a.jpg series. The Moe lectures are designed to encourage inter-disciplinary learning. Scholars from the fields of nursing, biology, english, history, philosophy, and theater have given past lectures.

Anne Fausto-Sterling is a professor of cellular and molecular biology at Brown College, and her lecture for the Gustavus community was titled “Emergent Difference: How to Avoid the Nature/Nuture Trap while Maintaining Respect for Biology, Psychology, Sociology, History and Anthropology.” In her lecture, Anne Fausto-Sterling suggested that the way we typically approach the nature nurture discussion is inadequate because of the complex connectivity between the two concepts. She argued that biological and sociological methods need to be synthesized into future studies in order to give the most complete picture of human behavior.

Anne Fausto-Sterlings ideas were fascinating, and I felt fortunate to be able to listen to her talk. Every time I attend a lecture outside of class, I am reminded of the value and uniqueness of the college experience. On any given night, Gustavus is host to numerous activities. Taking advantage of those unique scholarly opportunities is a wonderful way to stay intellectually involved in the Gustavus community.


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