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End of the Year

Well, another academic year has nearly passed at Gustavus Adolphus College. After returning from my fall trip abroad in Costa Rica, I have come to more strongly appreciate the traditions, values, and people present at Gustavus. Gustavus is a wonderful liberal arts college that encourages students to excel academically. At the same time, Gustavus offers […]


The end of the semester, without fail, signifies that final examinations are rapidly approaching. Gustie students often need to give their school work additional effort in order finish up the semester on a positive note. While final exams can be quite challenging, they usually are fair. Professors at Gustavus want their students to do well, […]

The Arboretum

On the Southwest side of campus, Gustavus has set aside room for a magnificent nature reserve. This reserve, called the Linnaeus Arboretum (often referred to as the Arb), is a beautiful area that is home to many types of trees, plants, grasses and flowers. Several trails are present throughout the Arboretum, and they provide excellent […]

The Book Mark

The Gustavus Campus Center is home to a unique and wonderful bookstore affectionately called The Book Mark. The Book Mark sells official Gustie clothing and gear, art supplies, books and textbooks, gifts and other helpful items for college students. The bookstore is open Monday through Saturday. They have a cheery and helpful staff that are […]

Tai Chi

Students at Gustavus are required to take .5 credits worth of activities courses.  Most activities classes are worth about .25 credits, and there are a wide variety of classes that count towards the activities requirement.  Some noteworthy examples of activities credits include racquetball, canoeing, yoga, tennis, badminton, volleyball, rock climbing and more.  The activities credits […]

Thrill on the Hill

It will soon be the first weekend of May, and that can only mean one thing…the highly anticipated frisbee tournament, hosted by Gustavus, is nearly here. The tournament is appropriately titled Thrill on the Hill, and an epic fourteen teams will be competing this coming weekend, May 3rd and 4th. The weekend of Thrill on […]

MAYDAY Peace Conference

This past Wednesday, the Gustavus community hosted the 28th annual Mayday Peace conference. The Mayday peace conference began in 1982, and focuses on relevant social justice issues. Past conferences have addressed “topics such as the necessity and effectiveness of international sanctions, global perspectives on the arms race, the tension between energy and the environment as […]