Thrill on the Hill

Posted on May 2nd, 2008 by

It will soon be the first weekend of May, and that can only mean one thing…the highly anticipated frisbee tournament,1.jpg hosted by Gustavus, is nearly here. The tournament is appropriately titled Thrill on the Hill, and an epic fourteen teams will be competing this coming weekend, May 3rd and 4th.

The weekend of Thrill on the Hill has historically received some pretty good Minnesota spring weather. However, this weekend may be a bit different. Rain and high winds are expected, which could make an interesting couple of days. Fortunately, if the grass is a little damp, I think players will be more keen to dive for discs, which is one of the true highlights of any ultimate match.

Most teams will play around six games in two days for Thrill on the Hill. I am sure that this will resulting in some sore bodiesn52902627_30707535_6519.jpg come Sunday, but part of the joy of frisbee is the magnitude of games during any given tournament. Thrill on the Hill promises to be an exciting weekend, and I can’t wait to play a full weekend of ultimate in the backyard of beautiful Gustavus.


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