Tai Chi

Posted on May 7th, 2008 by

Students at Gustavus are required to take .5 credits worth of activities courses.  Most activities classes are worth about .25 credits, and there are a wide variety of classes that count towards the activities requirement.  Some noteworthy examples of activities credits include racquetball,tai-chi.gif canoeing, yoga, tennis, badminton, volleyball, rock climbing and more.  The activities credits are designed to encourage students to participate in interesting fitness activities.

This semester, I am enrolled in the awesome activities course Tai Chi.  Tai Chi is a relaxing martial arts technique that focuses on healthy, flowing movements.  My class meets twice a week for about an hour, during which we learn and practice new Tai Chi techniques.  My favorite technique is called Cutting the Path to Clarity, which requires both arms to move in opposite directions in a natural and soothing way.

Now that the weather is nice in St. Peter, my Tai Chi class has been meeting outside for our class periods.  We usually find a central, grassy location on campus, and then practice Tai Chi.  We regularly draw some stares from other Gustavus students and staff, but mostly because they are curious as to what 30 students are doing moving their bodies in unison.

It feels especially great to practice Tai Chi outdoors.  I find the whole technique to be relaxing, energizing, and interesting.  I am grateful to be able to learn such a unique activity right here at Gustavus.


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