End of the Year

Posted on May 19th, 2008 by

Well, another academic year has nearly passed at Gustavus Adolphus College. After returning from my fall trip abroad in Costa Rica, I have come to more strongly appreciate the traditions, values, and people present at Gustavus. Gustavus is a wonderful liberal arts college that encourages students to excel academically. At the same time, Gustavus offers a wide range of activities, organizations, clubs, and teams that students can participate in and learn from.

Gustavus has seen a lot of change in the one semester I have been back on campus. GAC has elected a new president to run the college after Jim Peterson announced his retirement. Jack Ohle will become the president of Gustavus next year, and I am excited to see his vision for Gustavus in action.

Another change took place in the Gustavus cafeteria. In an effort to move towards environmental sustainability on campus, the cafeteria has announced that it will offer tupperware containers instead of disposable boxes for customers that want to take food to-go. This change is a symbol of the environmental progressiveness that the Gustavus community has adopted.

I am excited for the warm weather and relaxation of the summer months ahead. Yet, I can’t help but already be excited for the next year at Gustavus. It is a special place, and I look forward to my final year here on the hill.

I invite all of you interested in Gustavus to visit the College during the summer months and learn about a college experience that truly is extraordinary.


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