Pre-Law Seminar

Posted on September 10th, 2008 by

After a wonderful summer vacation, my return to Gustavus last week was accompanied by the special excitement and warmth only found at GAC.

This is my last year here, which is both exciting and scary.  I have had some amazing experiences the past three years, and I hope to continue taking advantage of what Gustavus offers for the next eight months or so.

During my final year of contribution to the Admissions Blog, I hope to share  why I think Gustavus  is a truly unique institution.

This week, I want to briefly write about a pre-law seminar I am currently taking.  About a year or so ago, I decided that environmental law would be an interesting field to pursue.  This meant, for me, that law school would be the next step in my education.  However, I didn’t know a whole lot about what the application process would be like.

Terry Morrow (pictured on right), a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, offers a pre-law seminar for Gustavus students.  After just two weeks of the class, I am so thankful that Terry teaches the course.  Earlier this very evening, he invited representatives from all four Minnesota Law Schools to our class, and they spoke about admission criteria, how to be a successful applicant, and even positive items they look for in applications.  Extremely helpful information.

Similar types of seminars are offered through other academic departments.  From my brief experience with my law seminar, I am confident in saying that the career resources present at Gustavus deeply assist students with their future goals.


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