Twins Baseball

Posted on September 25th, 2008 by

It is the last exciting week of regular season baseball for the Minnesota Twins.  This week the Twins are facing the Chicago White Sox in a series that will likely determine which team makes it into the playoffs.  On Tuesday the Twins handedly beat the Sox, 9-3, to move within 1 1/2 games of the division title in the AL Central.

Wednesdays game was shaping up to be a real classic, and fortunately for Gusties, the Campus Activities Board was offering a bus service to the Cities and a Twins ticket for only 15 dollars.  A screaming good deal, and many of my friends went to the game.  Gusties showed up at Eckman Mall at 4:30, were driven to the game, and returned back to campus at around 10:45.

Everyone who attended the game was in for a great treat.  The Twins beat the Sox 3-2 in a thriller of a game.  I hope the Twins can continue to win, and I am sure they appreciated the Gustie support.

Go Twins!


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