Co-op Memberships

Posted on October 3rd, 2008 by

In my previous posts I have mostly given attention to the on-campus community at Gustavus. However, Gustavus is a part of the greater St. Peter community, and as such, Gusties are able to take advantage of the additional resources that St. Peter presents.

A real gem in St. Peter is the Food Co-op. Check out their website here. This small grocery store doesn’t always offer the normal food found in other supermarkets. Rather, the C0oop specializes in natural, organic, and fair trade foods. Nevertheless, the Co-op still has a substantial amount of yummy food items available.  Some of their food is a bit more expensive, but I am happy to pay more for food that is ethically obtained.

Just this year, the Co-op is offering student memberships.  For a small fee of 25 dollars, students can receive all of the price cut benefits that normal members get.  I have used my membership many times this fall, and I do feel as though I am saving good money.  The Co-op changes their specials every month, which makes shopping there exciting.

The Co-op also has a full deli, which offers some delicious lunch specials. The environment of the St. Peter Co-op is unique too. They have a small but sufficient dinning area with a raised stage that sometime attracts some local performers. It is a good place to read a book and eat a meal.

Living at Gustavus gives students the opportunity to really make their own food choices, and I think the St. Peter Co-op offers a great natural option for some food lovers.


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