A Relaxing Fall Break

Posted on October 22nd, 2008 by

On October 18th through the 21st, Gustavus students were fortunate to have fall break.  Fall break is a period of four days during which no classes are held at Gustavus.  The dorms stay open on campus, but many students use this break to travel, either home or elsewhere.

I decided to travel home for a couple of days during the break.  It was nice to eat some home cooked food, sleep in my very own bed, and spend time with my parents.

On Monday, the 20th, I traveled back to Gustavus in order to do some canoeing with the Gustavus Outdoor Enthusiasts.  We drove to the Blue Earth River, where seven other Gusties and I paddled for a bit and then camped overnight.  The weather was extremely chilly.  In fact, on Tuesday morning our tents were covered with frost.  The river felt like ice water on our feet.  Nevertheless, it was relaxing to spend time outdoors.

Fall break is a perfect time to refocus and relax before heading into the second half of fall semester.  Four days off is just enough time to travel, and I now think many Gusties are looking forward to finishing up this fall semester.


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