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Professor Spotlight 2

Philosophy has been one of my favorite subjects throughout my Gustavus career.  I believe I have taken 8 or so philosophy courses, a number that exceeds the necessary amount for my minor.  I enjoy the material covered in philosophy, but I also think a major reason why I enjoy these classes is because the philosophy […]


Community is one of the five core values of Gustavus Adolphus College. In fact, as a prospective student, the strength of community at GAC was one of the principal reasons why I chose to attend school here. After attending Gustavus for four years, I find myself wondering, how does the importance of community really present […]

The Gustavus Newspaper

The student produced Gustavus newspaper, The Weekly, was originally founded in 1891.  Quite a history.  I have very much enjoyed reading The Weekly during my four years at Gustavus.  They accurately report on Campus events, politics, sports, and an assortment of other topics. I especially appreciate that all Weekly articles are written by students.   This […]

First Snowfall

Within the last few days, the Gustavus campus has seen its fair share of precipitation. Rain, sleet, and even a bit of snow have visited the campus. The onset of winter and colder temperatures signal a few changes. The vibrant annual plants and shrubs are removed from gardens around campus and stored inside for the […]

Election at Gustavus

November 4th was an important election day across the United States.  This was particularly evident at Gustavus.  Both the College Republicans and the College Democrats attempted to inform the student body about certain candidates.  Volunteers on the Gustavus campus made it easy for every student to vote if they wanted to.     On election day, vans […]

Girl Talk Concert

On Monday evening, I traveled from the Gustavus campus with several other Gusties to a Girl Talk concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis.  Girl Talk is the stage name for the musician Gregg Gillis.  Gregg is a mashup artist, meaning he uses dozens of samples of other songs to create a new song.  His only […]