Election at Gustavus

Posted on November 6th, 2008 by

November 4th was an important election day across the United States.  This was particularly evident at Gustavus.  Both the College Republicans and the College Democrats attempted to inform the student body about certain candidates.  Volunteers on the Gustavus campus made it easy for every student to vote if they wanted to.     On election day, vans shuttled students from campus to the Community Center, where voting in St. Peter took place.

I drove to the St. Peter Community Center at about 10 A.M. on Tuesday morning.  I was already registered, and was in and out of the poll booth in less than fifteen minutes.  The whole voting process was quite easy.

Several groups on campus threw parties as the election results began to be posted.  It was clear that students all over campus were eager to participate in this election.  The enthusiasm and excitement on campus reflected the importance of politics to Gustavus students.  Never have I seen so much shared interest in a topic on campus than this election.

Even though the election is over, I am confident that political discussion and debate will continue at GAC.  As our country faces difficult challenges, I am encouraged by the fact that students at Gustavus recognize the importance of political discussion.


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