First Snowfall

Posted on November 12th, 2008 by

Within the last few days, the Gustavus campus has seen its fair share of precipitation. Rain, sleet, and even a bit of snow have visited the campus. The onset of winter and colder temperatures signal a few changes. The vibrant annual plants and shrubs are removed from gardens around campus and stored inside for the colder months.

Students begin to wear bigger coats, mittens, hats, and on occasion, boots. It becomes a bigger challenge to identify friends outside because of the extra clothing.

The campus gym and workout facilities get more and more use during the winter. Traditional indoor sports like basketball continue to use the gym. Additionally, most other student athletes and active Gusties choose to complete their work outs indoors to avoid the cold.

These changes are exciting to observe on campus. They provide an interesting backdrop to a nearly 3 month old semester. I look forward to snow-shoeing, skiing, sledding and all the other wonderful winter activities that will be possible soon. The onset of winter is an exciting time at Gustavus.


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