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Community is one of the five core values of Gustavus Adolphus College. In fact, as a prospective student, the strength of community at GAC was one of the principal reasons why I chose to attend school here.

After attending Gustavus for four years, I find myself wondering, how does the importance of community really present itself to Gustie students? What allows Gustavus to value community? To begin, I think both the size of the campus and student body uniquely allows Gustavus to have a strong community. Seeing several friendly and familiar faces while walking to class is an everyday occurrence. The campus is large enough to be complete and comprehensive while retaining a private and special feel.

Another reason why I think the Gustavus community is so strong is that Gusties assume the best in their peers, faculty members, and professors. Most students, for example, believe that Gustavus is a special institution. This belief allows them to recognize the value of other people who are participating in the Gustavus life with them.

A final note on the Gustavus community. Last Fall, I studied abroad in Costa Rica. After returning to campus after being away for nearly 8 months, I quickly felt at home at Gustavus. This is a testament to the welcoming nature of the Gustavus community.


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