Professor Spotlight 2

Posted on November 21st, 2008 by

Philosophy has been one of my favorite subjects throughout my Gustavus career.  I believe I have taken 8 or so philosophy courses, a number that exceeds the necessary amount for my minor.  I enjoy the material covered in philosophy, but I also think a major reason why I enjoy these classes is because the philosophy department has such strong professors.

One such professor is Dr. Doug Huff.  Doug teaches a variety of course at Gustavus, including Ancient Philosophy, Existentialism, and the Philosophy of Religion.  On occasion, he leads a semester abroad program in India for Gustavus students.  Doug is also and impressive playwright and has taught several J-term classes on playwriting.

Doug is among the most popular professors for students.  He is absolutely loved.  He usually gives informal lectures, during which he makes sure to include a fair amount of humor and interesting stories.  This method keeps students interested, and it is always a pleasure to attend Doug’s class.

Doug also does a fantastic job making ancient philosophical works pertinent to college students.  For example, this last week we discussed Plato’s Symposium, and I learned a great deal about love, which is obviously important to college students in some form or another.

Doug’s classes definitely fall in to the category of ‘must takes’ during a college career and Gustavus.  He is a special professor and a joy to listen to in class.


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