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End of the Semester

Last night,  students enjoyed a final study break in order to take advantage of free food served by faculty and staff in the cafeteria.  This event is called Midnight Express, and is held each semester the night before finals, from 10 pm to midnight.  Nachos, carrots, muffins, bananas, buffalo wings, pretzels, and ice cream are […]

Teach for America

As the academic year continues to progress at an alarming rate, the question of what to do after graduation pops up in many senior minds.  I am hoping to attend law school eventually, but I would like to take some time off to volunteer beforehand.  Therefore, I have been trying to keep my eyes open […]

Christmas in Christ Chapel

Gustavus is an institution rich with traditions.  One of these annual traditions is Christmas in Christ Chapel, fondly referred to as CinCC.  CinCC is a fantastic musical performance that combines efforts from people  who participate in  choir, orchestra, brass, handbells, organ, dance, and more.  The concert really is a joyous celebration of the holidays. Nearly […]

Linnaeus Arboretum

On the Southwest side of campus, Gustavus has set aside room for a magnificent nature reserve. This reserve, called the Linnaeus Arboretum (often referred to as the Arb), is a beautiful area that is home to many types of trees, plants, grasses and flowers. Several trails are present throughout the Arboretum, and they provide excellent […]

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for students.  It usually indicates a short break from school, delicious homemade food, and relaxation.  By the time late November and Thanksgiving roll around, students are usually ready for a respite from classes, exams and papers. I was certainly feeling this way.  I was quite excited to head home and […]