Linnaeus Arboretum

Posted on December 5th, 2008 by

1562193645_19a77012b2.jpgOn the Southwest side of campus, Gustavus has set aside room for a magnificent nature reserve. This reserve, called the Linnaeus Arboretum (often referred to as the Arb), is a beautiful area that is home to many types of trees, plants, grasses and flowers. Several trails are present throughout the Arboretum, and they provide excellent opportunities for walks, runs, and evening skiing during the winter.  Several classes are offered that allow students to explore the Arb in great detail.

The mission of the Gustavus Arboretum is to offer environmental education programs and to foster environmental stewardship. Another goal of the Arboretum is to provide a natural space for recreational activities. A unique example of a recreational activity that takes place in the Arboretum is the Spring Dance performance. This event consists of several of the Gustavus Dance classes doing wonderful performances right in the Arboretum.2063796311_11d60efd53.jpg

I live in an apartment that overlooks the Arb , and I often see groups of people socializing with friends, playing catch, and just relaxing in the peacefulness of the Arb. The Linnaeus Arboretum showcases the beauty of a southern Minnesotan environment, and Gusties are lucky to have such a place right on campus.


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