Teach for America

Posted on December 11th, 2008 by

As the academic year continues to progress at an alarming rate, the question of what to do after graduation pops up in many senior minds.  I am hoping to attend law school eventually, but I would like to take some time off to volunteer beforehand.  Therefore, I have been trying to keep my eyes open for work and volunteer opportunities for recent college graduates.

Teach for America is one such program that offers relevant and meaningful work for college graduates.  Teach for America is a program that offers outstanding college graduates the chance to teach in urban and rural public schools.  Grads who work for Teach for America focus on providing quality education for low-income students.

Teach for America is unique because grads can choose amongst many locations across the US.  Additionally, Teach for America pays relatively well (around 35,000 dollars) and offers its workers good scholarships for continued education.

Gustavus has a healthy relationship with Teach for America.  Representatives of the program frequently visit the college and provide information for interested applicants.  Many Gustavus students have applied for the program.  In fact, 7 out of 8 Gusties who made it to the final interview have been offered a position by Teach fro America.  Pretty good.

Teach for America is an awesome program whose goal is clearly aimed at helping the less fortunate.  For a Gustavus graduate, an opportunity like Teach for America would be a wonderful experience.

Teach for America is not the only exciting opportunity for recent GAC grads.  I look forward to finding the one that is right for me.  It is nice to know that Gustavus does an excellent job of preparing students for interviews, resumes, and other skills necessary in order to be successful after college.


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