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Girl Talk Concert

On Monday evening, I traveled from the Gustavus campus with several other Gusties to a Girl Talk concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis.  Girl Talk is the stage name for the musician Gregg Gillis.  Gregg is a mashup artist, meaning he uses dozens of samples of other songs to create a new song.  His only […]


I am a happy member of the mens ultimate frisbee team at Gustavus.  It is one of the many club sports available to students on campus who wish to stay active but choose not to participate in a varsity sport. The Gustavsu team has played in 3 tournaments this fall.  Two have been in Wisconsin, and […]

Flu Shot Clinic

Living in college dorms and apartments often means that students are exposed to germs and illnesses at a high frequency.  As the winter months quickly approach, flu season is just about upon us.  The Gustavus Health Services offered a flu shot clinic today in an effort to keep students healthy. From 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 […]

A Radiohead Project

This past Wednesday, October 22nd, A Radiohead Project played at Gustavus in the Dive. A Radiohead Project is six member band that performs a mixture of original and traditional interpretations of Radiohead’s music. I found this interesting: the band was entirely formed through listings on Craigslist. They played about a two hour set that included […]

A Relaxing Fall Break

On October 18th through the 21st, Gustavus students were fortunate to have fall break.  Fall break is a period of four days during which no classes are held at Gustavus.  The dorms stay open on campus, but many students use this break to travel, either home or elsewhere. I decided to travel home for a […]

Visiting Gustavus

Perhaps ones final choice on where to attend college is most influenced by a college visit.  That was certainly the case for me.  I felt immediately at home at Gustavus.  I remember walking around campus and being especially impressed by the layout of buildings and the Jackson Campus Center. The Gustavus Admissions Office recently hosted […]

Laundry at Gustavus

Before entering college, I was one of those lucky individuals whose mother often did their laundry (by often I mean always). Upon entering college, there were so many exciting events occurring in my life that doing laundry was often neglected (by often I mean always). However, during my first year at Gustavus, after an impressive […]

Nobel Part II

In my previous post, I commented about the wonderful 2008 Nobel Conference that explored the question, who were the first humans?  Gustavus students, for no charge, could attend the conference, and enjoy the lectures first hand. For those who didn’t have the time to attend a full lecture, Gustavus set up a pretty impressive website […]

Nobel Part I

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week, Gustavus hosted the 44th annual Nobel Conference. This years conference was titled Who Were the First Humans? The Conference explored the full range of recent evidence about the first modern humans and what we may stand to learn from them about surviving the global challenges we face […]

Co-op Memberships

In my previous posts I have mostly given attention to the on-campus community at Gustavus. However, Gustavus is a part of the greater St. Peter community, and as such, Gusties are able to take advantage of the additional resources that St. Peter presents. A real gem in St. Peter is the Food Co-op. Check out […]