Posted on February 11th, 2009 by

Every Tuesday night at Patrick’s, a resturant and bar located in downtown St. Peter, people gather to play trivia.  The trivia topic changes from week to week, and the event always attracts a fair amount of Gustie students.

This week, I headed down to Patrick’s on Tuesday to play.  The theme for this week’s trivia was a spelling bee.  Each round competing teams attempted to spell 10 words. There were some easier words (clingy), and some more difficult words, like lieutenant.  It was surprising which words proved to be difficult to spell. My team, appropriately titled Aztec Surprise, had several solid rounds, but we finished off the night with a dismal 1 for 10 round five.  As a result, we didn’t make it into the oral round, but I think I can speak for my whole team when I say we are confident that our next trivia performance will be much better.

Trivia is a great event at Patrick’s.  It is a good place to meet with friends and test your trivia abilities.  Trivia at Patrick’s is something that many Gusties look forward to on Tuesday evenings, and I can understand why.


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