Spring Break 09

Posted on March 19th, 2009 by

Spring Break has nearly arrived, and I am excited for the week break from school.  Classes at Gustavus are hard work, and it will be nice to relax for a while.

Many college students use the time off from school to travel some place warm and exotic.  That sounds wonderful, but it is not in my cards this year.  I will, however, be doing some exciting traveling nonetheless.  During the first weekend of spring break, the men’s ultimate frisbee team is traveling to Chicago to play in the Chicago Invite tournament.  It is a two day tournament, and will be a great chance to get some outdoor playing experience.  After a chilly winter, I can’t wait to play outside.

Following the tournament, several of my friends and I are going to canoe on The Current river in Missouri as a part of the Gustavus Outdoor Enthusiasts organization.  We will paddle for just two days, but it will be a wonderful to get out on the water.  I can’t wait.

Spring break is a much needed rest from the stresses of school.  There are lots of opportunities for Gusties to use the vacation time constructively, and I think most GAC students do.


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