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The Gustavus Campus Center is home to a unique and wonderful bookstore affectionately called The Book Mark. The Book Mark sells official Gustie clothing and gear, art supplies, books and textbooks, gifts and other helpful items for college students. The bookstore is open Monday through Saturday. They have a cheery and helpful staff that are […]


It will soon be the first weekend of May, and that can only mean one thing…the highly anticipated frisbee tournament, hosted by Gustavus Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team, is nearly here. The tournament is appropriately titled Thrill on the Hill, and an epic sixteen teams will be competing this coming weekend, May 2nd and 3rd. The […]

Oncampus Library

There is no question that the GAC library is fantastic. I might be exposing myself as a bit of a nerd by saying this, but I am passionate enough about the library at Gustavus that I will stick to my claim. With unlimited resources, study rooms, private desks, and an abundance of computers, the library […]

Gustavus Caf

The Gustavus student body and community has access to a wonderful cafeteria on campus. This cafeteria, called the Market Place, always strives to offer many different food choices for its customers. This wide variety of food that is offered is a special thing at Gustavus because many students eat at the Market Place three times […]

Gustie Spring

Birds chirping, green grass, shorts, and increased outdoor activity usually signal that spring has yet again returned to St. Peter. Because of the warmer weather, Gustavus students desperately try to spend as much time outside as possible. On any on-campus grassy area, there is likely to be several students relaxing under the sun. I love […]

Cap and Gown

On April 2nd all seniors had the opportunity to pick up their cap and gowns for the May 2009 graduation.  However, actually picking up the cap and gown was only part of the process.  Information tables were set out that informed seniors about tips after graduation, senior class gifts, senior week events (a week of […]

On Campus Living

Four busy, often tired, college students living in one apartment can result in messy rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. When schoolwork, sports, and other social activities are so important to the lives of many Gusties, cleanliness at a college home can easily be ignored. In my apartment, everything else seems wildly more interesting and necessary than […]

On Campus Visit to Gustavus

Perhaps ones final choice on where to attend college is most influenced by a college visit.  That was certainly the case for me.  I felt immediately at home at Gustavus.  I remember walking around campus and being especially impressed by the layout of buildings and the Jackson Campus Center. Setting up an individual appointment with […]