Cap and Gown

Posted on April 10th, 2009 by

On April 2nd all seniors had the opportunity to pick up their cap and gowns for the May 2009 graduation.  However, actually picking up the cap and gown was only part of the process.  Information tables were set out that informed seniors about tips after graduation, senior class gifts, senior week events (a week of fun for seniors prior to graduation), and more.

It is interesting to start thinking about the reality of graduating from Gustavus.  In less than two months from now my four years at Gustavus will come to a close, and I, along with the rest of the senior class, will face a new set of challenges.  Jobs, additional education, travel, volunteering are the sorts of things most of us will do.  Exciting and a bit overwhelming.

I am confident that Gustavus has prepared me for life after GAC.  But truthfully, the time right after graduation will be full of new, rather uncertain, steps and activities for me.  I could be in China teaching english or I could be in Alaska working on environmental issues.  Whatever I do after graduation, I want to make sure that the next two months at Gustavus are some of the best and memorable I have had here.


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