Gustie Spring

Posted on April 10th, 2009 by

Birds chirping, green grass, shorts, and increased outdoor activity usually signal that spring has yet again returned to St. Peter. Because of the warmer weather, Gustavus students desperately try to spend as much time outside as possible. On any on-campus grassy area, there is likely to be several students relaxing under the sun. I love this time of year, and welcome the increase in outdoor student activity that comes with it. Outdoor activities, such as ultimate frisbee, catch, canoing, sun bathing, running, and studying, breath new life into the campus community.

However, academics are usually pretty intense during the beginning of spring, as students face midterm tests and papers. That is why it is so nice to have the outdoor options that the spring season offers. Many students attempt to balance academics and the outdoors by studying and reading outside. While this is a fine option, I try to set aside about an hour a day during the spring season to spend outside. While this time spent outside doesn’t directly lessen my homework load, I do think that it relieves stress and contributes to a more focused mind.

One of the great outdoor areas at Gustavus is the Linnaeus Arboretum. This natural sanctuary has walking and running trails, flower gardens, ponds, coniferous andSpring Time deciduous trees, prairie grasses and many benches to just sit and relax in nature. The arboretum is a wonderful resource, and having such a beautiful natural environment right on-campus provides another reason for Gustie student to take advantage of the weather and get outside.

I always feel a renewed sense of energy during the spring season. The Gustavus community offers a wide variety of ways to take advantage of this fresh and new feeling that begins to emerge on campus during spring time. The picture to the right has a few things that represent, to me, some of the best aspects of spring. Enjoy the weather friends!!


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