Welcome back, Gusties!

Posted on September 8th, 2009 by

I can’t decide which is the more exciting day on campus.  Is it the Friday before Labor Day weekend, when all of the first-year students arrive on campus?  Or is it today, the first official day of classes?

I’m going to declare last Friday the winner in this very tight competition.  The air was ringing with the whistles and cheers of the Gustie Greeters and the honking car horns of families appreciative of this enthusiastic welcome.  I was able to walk around campus (while detouring around futons heaped with clothes, towering stacks of boxes, and mazes of TV and stereo equipment), feeling the energy and excitement.  I helped wrestle a refrigerator out of a car, gave a tip or two about assembling a loft, got to pet a friendly boxer lounging in the shade, and even carried a box of books up several flights of stairs.  Not a bad day’s work!

Today, I am enjoying the parade of students and faculty walking back and forth outside my window, on their way to classes, meetings, and lunch.  Gusties are running up to give hugs to friends and to their professors, and a few people have already settled into the Adirondack chairs to catch up.  Sure, the lines will be a bit longer in the Caf during the lunch rush, and I might not get my favorite elliptical trainer over in Lund, but I’m ready for the excitement of another year.  Welcome back, Gusties!

And welcome to you… this is the Admission Office blog for the 2009-2010 school year.  I will be posting entries from an admission counselor’s perspective, and I will be helped by two of our tour guides, who will offer their own stories and pictures.  We’ll have new content weekly, so check back often!



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