Nobel 45

Posted on October 6th, 2009 by

Every year at Gustavus students eagerly await the Nobel Conference, or at least I do, because no classes! And of course to listen to the visiting speakers as well. Professors cancel classes these two days because they want the students at Gustavus to take advantage of all the brilliant minds that will be arriving on campus to share their wealth of knowledge with us. With all the posters around campus proudly announcing the 45th annual Nobel Conference you can’t help but be reminded of how unique Gustavus really is for having the privilege of hosting this conference every year. Out of all the colleges in the nation, it’s our small campus in rural Minnesota that attracts thousands of people each year, and hosts scholars and researchers from all over the world. With an event like that, how could you not be honored to go to an academic institution like Gustavus? Even with no classes these two days, there will still be a lot of active learning going on around campus.


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