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reflections on Thanksgiving…

Does anyone really look forward to the first day back at work or back at school after a wonderful holiday break?  I would be lying if I said my feet didn’t drag just a little bit on my way in from the parking lot.  Of course, I am fortunate enough to have a job that […]

Ode to Thanksgiving…

Last year during my First Term Seminar on a dragging Tuesday morning my professor helped us all come to the conclusion that the week of school before Thanksgiving break is always the hardest. I hadn’t really realized it until then (probably because my brain wasn’t working optimally at the time) but it completely made sense. […]


     It’s hard enough transitioning into college your first year, and one of the biggest challenges is learning how to share your space with another person; more often than not it’s someone you’ve never met before. Talk about daunting… luckily Gustavus’ residential life utilizes a method similar to when it comes to matching up […]

Travel Season by the Numbers

2066 – Number of miles racked up on my most recent road trip through Iowa and Illinois 10 – Number of college fairs, and number of days over which they occurred, on that trip 29 – Number of nights spent in hotel rooms so far this fall 25 – Approximate number of subs I have […]

Halloween… the Gustavus way!

Friday afternoon right after classes and work, in desperate need of a sugar fix, I headed straight to the bakery in the caf to find much to my delight, pumpkin and ghost shaped sugar cookies complete with orange and white frosting  and sprinkles; a sure sign that its almost Halloween! Whether you think you’re too […]