Halloween… the Gustavus way!

Posted on November 2nd, 2009 by

Friday afternoon right after classes and work, in desperate need of a sugar fix, I headed straight to the bakery in the caf to find much to my delight, pumpkin and ghost shaped sugar cookies complete with orange and white frosting  and sprinkles; a sure sign that its almost Halloween! Whether you think you’re too old to participate in the merriment of Halloween there was something for everyone this weekend from frosted cookie addicts (like myself) to swing dancers. For example, earlier in the week groups of kids accompanied by their big partners, who are Gustavus students that volunteer to mentor a young child from St. Peter, descended upon campus trick or treating in the dorms while wearing their costumes. It brought back a lot of great memories!  There was also a Halloween themed swing dance complete with live music, a substance free rave, a haunted mine in the basement of Norelius, a first year residence hall,  (seriously, the basement looks like a dungeon without trying), and a free showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, all events completed with the option of wearing a costume.  Every weekend there’s tons of fun on-campus events for students, but with a holiday falling on a Saturday it gave many organizations a reason to go all out and give the students of Gustavus even more to do to celebrate Halloween.


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