Posted on November 10th, 2009 by

     It’s hard enough transitioning into college your first year, and one of the biggest challenges is learning how to share your space with another person; more often than not it’s someone you’ve never met before. Talk about daunting… luckily Gustavus’ residential life utilizes a method similar to when it comes to matching up first year roommates by hand selecting students with similar sleep habits, neatness, personalities, general interests, etc. This helps make the adjustment much easier as you and your roommate learn how to live with one another. Even if you don’t become best friends who spend every waking moment together it still helps make everything else about living away from home a little easier, and as the school year goes on you’ll more than likely find a really close friend that you’ll want to live with. Sometimes that person is your first year roommate, sometimes not. My first year roommate and I are still roommates as sophomores and we plan on living together next year (hopefully in one of the apartment style dorms) and this year we were lucky enough to live in the same building as a lot of our friends, so instead of having to walk across campus, we just have to walk across the hallway to see them! There are of course a few “bad” roommate stories that I have heard at Gustavus, but nothing overwhelming. So chances are high that if you’re a country music fanatic you won’t get paired up with a hard core death metal enthusiast, and vice versa.. you might just be like my roommate and I; we have our differences but they aren’t strong enough to prevent us from living together and being close friends.


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