Ode to Thanksgiving…

Posted on November 23rd, 2009 by

Last year during my First Term Seminar on a dragging Tuesday morning my professor helped us all come to the conclusion that the week of school before Thanksgiving break is always the hardest. I hadn’t really realized it until then (probably because my brain wasn’t working optimally at the time) but it completely made sense. Work and work seemed to be piling up without allowing me any time to take a second and breathe. On top of that, everyone just wants to go home and gorge themselves on turkey and stuffing without having to deal without the stresses of college for a little bit.

Although the week before Thanksgiving break is one of the toughest to get through, it just makes going home for a few days that much better. Even though the past week has been crazy for me and my friends, that hasn’t stopped us from going to the local bowling alley for “Buck Nite” (each game and shoe rental only costs a dollar!) and of course the McDonald’s drive thru at 11 pm. No matter how crazy the weeks get, whether it be before a break or finals try and schedule in a little fun to help you pull through the big stretch of school before break.


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