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Home for the Holidays…

Anyone spending this holiday season in Minnesota who is still dreaming of a white Christmas obviously hasn’t seen a weather forecast recently! It’s predictions like the ones I just heard on the news about possibly a foot of snow that makes me wish I were standing on the hill at Gustavus, cafeteria tray in hand, surrounded […]

’tis the season….

No, I’m not talking about the holiday season.  I’m talking about application review season!  If you send in an application to Gustavus, every word of it will be read by a real, live person.  That means hundreds and hundreds of application essays about some really wonderful experiences.  I thought I would share a bit of […]

I survived my first Christmas in Christ Chapel!

Well, I did go to last years performance on Saturday afternoon with my family, but this was the first year that I had to opportunity to be a part of this wonderful Gustavus tradition! Not going to lie, after Thanksgiving break things got REALLY intense in the music department as the the Gustavus Choir, Choir […]