Home for the Holidays…

Posted on December 22nd, 2009 by

Anyone spending this holiday season in Minnesota who is still dreaming of a white Christmas obviously hasn’t seen a weather forecast recently! It’s predictions like the ones I just heard on the news about possibly a foot of snow that makes me wish I were standing on the hill at Gustavus, cafeteria tray in hand, surrounded by my friends ready to plunge back into joyous childhood memories of sledding. But I’m definitely not complaining about being home for a couple of weeks.. This break is a much needed relaxation period for Gusties as Fall Semester has ended along with finals and papers- at least until January for those participating in a January Interim Experience, or not until February for students who choose to just take a break that month. As important as school is, right now I don’t want to think about classes and how finals went; all I want to do is watch the snow fall and grab a sled and head for the backyard :)

Happy Holidays and I’ll be writing more next year in 2010!


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