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Nobel 45

Every year at Gustavus students eagerly await the Nobel Conference, or at least I do, because no classes! And of course to listen to the visiting speakers as well. Professors cancel classes these two days because they want the students at Gustavus to take advantage of all the brilliant minds that will be arriving on campus to […]

“On the road again…”

This was the classic tune that marked the beginning of all of our family vacations when I was younger.  My dad would pop his Willie Nelson cassette into the tape deck and croon right along with the country legend, over the groans of his two daughters, who would have preferred Bon Jovi or Michael Jackson.  […]

Home on the Hill

“…there is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow-creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort.” -Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Brontë As a returning student to Gustavus this phrase seems all the more true to me as I find myself once again surrounded by the many friendly […]

Get Involved…

The view from my window here in the Admission Office is even more interesting than usual today.  Table cloths and banners are being straightened, brochures and pamphlets are being distributed, and email lists are being joined.  No, it’s not a college fair, where I would normally be seeing all of these things happen.  It’s the […]

Welcome back, Gusties!

I can’t decide which is the more exciting day on campus.  Is it the Friday before Labor Day weekend, when all of the first-year students arrive on campus?  Or is it today, the first official day of classes? I’m going to declare last Friday the winner in this very tight competition.  The air was ringing […]

Senior Week

The week between finals and graduation is appropriately called senior week at Gustavus, and the week is a celebration of the soon to be graduates time at Gustavus.  This years senior week will be from May 26 to May 30, and will feature many fun, planned  activities for senior Gusties. I am especially looking forward […]

Student Orgs

Gustavus has numerous on-campus student organizations, ranging from sororities to sports to academic clubs. As a freshman, I took a look at many of these clubs and selected a few that I wanted to be a part of. I chose to get involved with the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Club and the Gustavus Outdoor Enthusiasts (GOE). […]


The Gustavus Campus Center is home to a unique and wonderful bookstore affectionately called The Book Mark. The Book Mark sells official Gustie clothing and gear, art supplies, books and textbooks, gifts and other helpful items for college students. The bookstore is open Monday through Saturday. They have a cheery and helpful staff that are […]


It will soon be the first weekend of May, and that can only mean one thing…the highly anticipated frisbee tournament, hosted by Gustavus Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team, is nearly here. The tournament is appropriately titled Thrill on the Hill, and an epic sixteen teams will be competing this coming weekend, May 2nd and 3rd. The […]

Oncampus Library

There is no question that the GAC library is fantastic. I might be exposing myself as a bit of a nerd by saying this, but I am passionate enough about the library at Gustavus that I will stick to my claim. With unlimited resources, study rooms, private desks, and an abundance of computers, the library […]