Middle Eastern Dance… in Minnesota?

Posted on January 26th, 2010 by

You betcha! Every J-term the Peer Assistants have invited the Rakstar Fusion Belly Dancers’ artistic director/dancer Kamilah to come and teach a middle eastern dance class every Thursday night for an hour to any interested students. The Rakstar Fusion Belly Dancers are Southern Minnesota’s premier belly dancing group; not gonna lie, I had no idea one existed in Southern Minnesota of all places! The classes each J-term are free to students, all you have to do is show up in workout clothes and get ready for an hour of learning the art of exotic middle eastern dance styles. And it’s not just for ladies either, for guys it’s a great way to meet girls and learn how to dance ;)

J-term is all about new experiences and learning new things, so why not give belly dancing a shot? Even if the only dance experience you have is dancing in the comfort of your room with the door locked it’s a fun workout and it feels great being able to brag about your awesome belly dancing/bollywood dancing skills :)

For more information on the Rakstar Fusion Belly Dancers and Middle Eastern dance in general click on this link:



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