Spring Semester… already?!

Posted on February 9th, 2010 by

Yesterday marked the first day of spring semester here at Gustavus, and amidst all the snow we’ve been getting the rush was absolutely palpable with students running around frantically finding their classes, reconnecting with friends, purchasing books and extra school supplies… the typical first day of class excitement and mayhem all rolled into one. At the start of every semester here I can’t believe how fast time flies… I feel kind of old saying this, but it feels like it was yesterday I was a junior in high school eagerly awaiting my first year in college feeling the 6-hours-stuck-in-a-building-all-day-everyday drag on. Now every day feels different from the next: I have my class schedule in front of me telling me where to go and when, but no one tells me where to go or what to do with the time I have in between those classes. Nothing is as consistent as it was “back in the day” when every day was pretty predictable and followed the same exact routine: class, class, class, lunch, class, class, class, study hall, class, go home and wait to do it all again. After years of that same routine it was different adjusting to the freedom of college. Granted, with freedom comes responsibility, like actually going to class and getting there on time, but for most adults that’s a pretty simple concept. To me that is one of the biggest differences between college and high school; there is a great deal of freedom, especially with time and how it’s managed, and although it’s overwhelming at first, but after it becomes second nature, it feels great!


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