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The other week I came upon a very enlightening article in Cosmo (yes Cosmo) about how Monday isn’t necessarily the “worst” day of the week, but it’s actually Wednesday, aka tomorrow. All I could think about when I read the article, besides my friend who lives across the hall giving me flack for reading that magazine, was that even though it made sense that it would be the cruddiest day to get through (after all it is the middle of the week), there were things that made it stand out from the other days in a good way, that is. Every Wednesday my friends and I look forward to going to the caf and getting a generous stack of grilled cheese sandwiches and a bowl of creamy tomato soup for dinner, yum! Wednesday is also Swing Dancing night at Gustavus, where the swing club gives lessons to swing dancers at all levels for the first hour, then they end the evening by dancing the night away in alumni hall. Wednesday morning chapel is always the well attended Morning Praise service which mainly consists of singing beautifully arranged congregational songs and listening to one of Gustavus’ many talented choirs sing. While I enjoy all of these things about Wednesday at Gustavus, it really is a jumping off point for me in the week, and it has been ever since I was a little kid. Wednesday always meant that tomorrow would be Thursday, then Friday, then (finally!) the weekend. Always looking ahead made the time seem to go by a little bit faster, but now that I’m on my own in college I know that if you’re constantly looking ahead without appreciating what’s going on in the here and now, life flies by before you have a chance to realize what you’ve missed out on.


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