Spring, it’s been much too long!

Posted on March 2nd, 2010 by

This morning as I walked from my dorm to my 9:00 class I was greeted by something I haven’t heard in a while, birds singing! These past few days have been so mild Gusties are gradually starting to shed their poofy winter coats in favor of hoodies and jackets, and in general spending more time outside rather than bolting from one building to the next to avoid the cold. This time of year when all of the snow starts to melt and life returns in full swing has always been my favorite, it’s intoxicating and makes you feel giddy, especially after enduring a 6 month long Minnesotan winter. The weather forecast on my Google page has me optimistic that spring has sprung and winter has fled (at least for the rest of the week) so I’ll be taking full advantage of that by retiring my poofy, hooded coat to the back of my closet, and by walking into town to my favorite coffee shop for some ICED coffee :)


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