A table to remember…

Posted on March 9th, 2010 by

At Gustavus various organizations on campus can be seen outside of the cafeteria advertising their latest endeavor, whether it’s fundraising or promoting an upcoming event, there’s always at least one group there. One tabling experience I had last year as a first year student was particularly memorable; I don’t exactly remember the group who did it, but I certainly remember that girl’s smile and how it made me feel..

That morning started off regularly enough until my younger sister texted me that Annette died. Annette was a girl in my sister’s grade who had been in a coma for quite some time after a terrible ATV accident; I didn’t know her too well, but I remember her and how she always had a smile on her face, just like her older sister who was in NHS and choir with me. I couldn’t believe it; she was only 15. What sadness must her family, her friends and our hometown must be feeling right now were some of the thoughts that took over my mind during class. When I was walking by the cafeteria, it must have shown on my face that something wasn’t right, as I was greeted cheerfully by a sophomore student, “would you like a cookie?” I looked around, then I looked at her, “umm, sure? What are they for?” There had to be a reason right? there was a table outside the caf giving away free cookies. “Just because it’s a great day,” she told me with a big smile on her face. Because of the news I had received earlier that morning it seemed like anything but a great day, but her smile was contagious and instantly spread to me despite how bad and unfair life seemed at the moment.

Life went on, Annette’s older sister won an essay contest writing about her sister and now attends a really great college, everyone in our hometown showed support for her family, regardless if they knew them well or not. Life is full of ups and downs, but I’m glad I’m on a campus full of people who know how to make the most of what they have, whether it’s a talent for science, music, art, writing, or just having a really warm smile and taking the time to cheer others up.


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