Some good advice

Posted on April 13th, 2010 by

For all of you high school seniors out there getting ready to embark out into the “real world” of college brace yourself to be bombarded with lots and LOTS of advice from people, from your family, older friends, your 80 year old great aunt, it seriously comes from all corners, which my mom must have known because she made everyone write down a tidbit of advice for me in the guest book at my open house. Guess she thought I needed all the help I could get.. anyways, the best piece of advice I got from anyone before embarking on this crazy journey called college was from my dad, a pretty good source if you ask me considering he went to college (even though that was waaaaaay back when) and he’s known me well, forever. He told me to just have fun with other people, and if someone invites you to do something just do it! Even if it’s at the worst possible time (paper due by midnight, 100 pages to read by tomorrow, etc.) he told me to just do it because these four years are the only time I really have to just experience different things and meet new people and let my inhibitions go. If I hadn’t followed this piece of advice thus far I probably would have had a much more difficult time shaking off my shy demeanor. I also probably wouldn’t have played ultimate Frisbee on the soccer field at 11:00 at night, auditioned for dance, run up the hill (yes the HILL), learned about the female o!, gone to a casino, gone to a crazy mosh pit style dance my first year, taken neuroscience, ordered pizza with my friends at 4:00 in the morning, and learned how to swing dance (kinda). I guess the bottom line is no matter what the deadlines, no matter what the commitments just make sure to make time to live.


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