Looking back at high school

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This past Saturday was the prom at my alma mater, or old high school I guess; and it was also my sister and her boyfriend’s first ever prom, so it’s a big deal. So big in fact my sister asked her big sister to come home for the weekend to do her hair and makeup for the big day! It seems kind of lame/cheesy but it was a lot of fun getting to relive the excitement that surrounds high school prom for a little bit. Before college little things like that seemed so much bigger and important, I mean, how could they not? Everyone was talking about them for a long time, all the time. Now, even though I go to a college in my home state my horizons and perspectives on life have really been expanded while at Gustavus. The little things in life that once seemed so important in high school know don’t seem to matter quite as much now; I still keep in touch with my close friends from high school via Facebook and texting and I still have wonderful memories from high school that I’ll always cherish, but they seem to pale in comparison to my experiences I’ve had at college. I’ve experienced more ‘firsts’ and opened my eyes to more ideas and perspectives in my two years at Gustavus than I ever did while in high school.  As a senior in high school worrying about my prom dress and the latest National Honor Society event I didn’t fully understand how just four years in college could be the best and most memorable of your life. But it certainly didn’t take long for me to realize that after arriving at Gustavus. I’ve already experienced many memorable events here, some sad, some hysterical, some ecstatically happy and some just contenting, as though you know where you stand in the world and everything’s ok and even though you don’t know where you’re going after you graduate you know you’ll be someplace great and rewarding. Regardless of the emotion connected to each memory I’ve had here, I know I’ll carry them with me further than I could have imagined several years ago as a freshman in high school.



  1. Rod Hokenson says:

    your comments re expanding awareness entering the awesome, somewhat intimidating atmosphere of college life brings back memories to this old fart, class of 1953! Yes thai is right, almost 60 years ago! And here I am still enjoying college life locally (sometime playing with the band there, cheering on the teams and revelling in the musical life, including an outstanding community chorus led by the College director–that is Adrian, voted the best “up and coming liberal arts college in the Midwest– who for special events like the Messiah and the Mozart Requiem combines us with his 100+ collegians. But I am at heart a Gustavian, and follow life there often. I welcomed the GAC women’s hockey team here two years ago, and brought them a cake at their Motel after our fledgling women’s team administered them their only defeat of that year. And I found the Men’s tournament game (they hosted the first round of region, and won it, then went on to be beaten by St. Norbert’s of WI, who had just squeaked by our Adrian men 5-4) online. Awesome, today’s communication. Now my heart is beating fast as my wonderful grandson Mark from here is visiting campus today…. BTW, I studied Oral Interpretation with Evelyn Anderson (as in the current Theater and Arts bldg south of Christ Chapel parking area). It helped me as a future pastor immeasurably. I can still see her sweeping, grandiose gestures that visually reinforced the power of her theatrical elocution…… I would enjoy a little chatting if and when you have time.

  2. Stephanie Duley says:

    Hi Rod!
    Sorry I kind of shirk my blog responsibilities during the summer which is why it’s taken so long to get back to you. I really enjoyed reading your comments! Wow, ’53?? Things must be so different now.. There in the process of building a new social science building to replace the old old library, or Anderson Social Science Center. Everyone’s really excited for it to be finished by next fall, the 150th anniversary! What a milestone :)That’s so cool that you studied under Evelyn Anderson, I bet it was really amazing having her as a professor. That’s one thing that hasn’t changed about Gustavus, the professors are amazing and so passionate about what they teach. Is your grandson Mark planning on attending Gustavus? That would be great! I’ll do a better job of responding now that I’m back at school and I’m CONSTANTLY on my laptop :) Have a wonderful day!